Јован Балов, Европска личност за 2014 година, познат и по наградата „ Херој на балканската култура„

This is traditionally award dedicated by the Movement in Macedonia (EMRM), 20 years in continuity for the person with significant contributions in the field of European integration processes, i.e. in terms of strengthening democracy, human rights, peace, tolerance, development and promotion of Macedonia in the European area. For the year, 2014, is awarded the famous Macedonian painter who has been living and working in European capitals for a long time, Jovan Balov. The painter Balov is our “ambassador” of culture who is bringing to life myths and symbols and has managed to make a “cultural” bridge between Skopje and Berlin. With his work he is bringing European spirit in Macedonia and presenting Macedonian authors in front of the European audience. Balov was born in Skopje on 6th of November 1961. He finished his studies at the Faculty of Art in Skopje in 1987. After that he has left Macedonia and resides in West Berlin and Amsterdam, and since 1995 lives and works in Berlin as a freelance artist and program host of the project-gallery “Prima Center”.
Hi is promoting the Republic of Macedonia in Europe and the whole world since 2000. He is working on a numerous projects in which he successfully presents Macedonian contemporary art and culture. He has numerous exhibitions in Germany, Russia, Slovenia, France, Greece, Austria, Poland, Finland, Israel, England, Serbia, Italy and many others.
Since 2004 in the gallery “Prima Center” in Berlin he has organized over of 180 exhibitions and presentations, which represented around 400 foreign authors. Among them there are 69 exhibitions of Macedonian artists that has presented 115 artists and cultural workers from Macedonia. He is also the initiator and implementer of numerous presentations and exhibitions of European artists in Macedonian galleries and museums.
The most significant works of John Balov are actual portraits, large triptych “The German people” and the series of 120 paintings dedicated to the frescoes of Kurbinovo Archangel Gabriel.
His most important awards are first place for painting in Paris in 2013, and the award Rigas map, which he won in Athens in 2007 under the name “Hero of Balkan culture”.