The European Movement in the Republic of Macedonia (EMRM) is a part of the International European Movement (EMI), established in 1948 as a frame-organization of hundreds and thousands of national, regional and local bodies, of numerous political, civic and non-governmental organizations. With more than 50 National Councils and 34 associated Member Organizations EMI has played a crucial role in the construction of Europe. From its founding in 1991, the European movement in the Republic of Macedonia has continuously acted upon the affirmation of the EU integration processes in the Republic of Macedonia.

In order to accomplish this basic goal the different activities are undertaken:

  •  National Convention on European Union in R. Of Macedonia (NKEU-MK) open forum for accelerating the reforms in the society and to make a better ambient for starting the EU Accession Negotiation Process
  •  Educational programs for obtaining knowledge about the EU organized for different age groups (seminars, lectures, debates, quizzes etc.);
  •  Cultural manifestations for the affirmation of European values and for strengthening of the social cohesion
  • Organizing different forums to address the institutions, the enterprises and the local communities for wider democratization and respect of human rights and freedoms as well as the labor rights (public debates, panel discussions, press conferences, international conferences etc.).

The activities in strengthening the tolerance, in finding a peaceful solution to conflicts and in providing conditions for coexistence are especially meaningful. As a part of the International European Movement, the European Movement in the Republic of Macedonia intervenes for affirmation of the Republic of Macedonia in the EU, highlighting the preparedness of the grand majority of citizens to affiliate the European Union.

Therefore, everyone has an opportunity to support EMRM’s actions in order to see the Republic of Macedonia as a part of the EU state members as well as to sense the progress of the Republic of Macedonia towards being a stronger, more democratic and developed country. EMRM has approximately 200 individual members. Its horizontal structure consists of seven branches in the biggest municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia (Bitola, Ohrid,  Berovo, Tetovo, Kumanovo, Shtip). The main office is in Skopje. The basic goal of the branches is to continue the mission of EMRM in the inner part of the country but also to transmit the problems related to local environment to wider audiences.

EMRM has established close cooperation with the National Councils in the region (Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey).

Mileva Gjurovska
President of EMRM