EU integration process of North Macedonia will be realized through process of reforms

“We have always historically, geographically and culturally been part of Europe. That is why I say that we do not speak for eurointegration, but reunification. I expect that EU will not forget the logic and philosophy of the enlargement because this is what makes it vital, irreplaceable. We have the perception of ourselves as Europeans, so it is logical that you will be treated like one. I do not see the treatment through EU retorics but EU logic in terms of rule of law, competitive economy, independent judiciary, competent administration, something that unites”, the president of Republic of North Macedonia, Gordana Siljanovska Davkova stated at the yesterday’s marking of the Europe Day-9 May “European Union as a challenge and the challenges of EU: Europe 74 years from Schuman declaration” organized by the foundation Konrad Adenauer and the European movement in Republic of North Macedonia.

Talking about the EU membership, the president Siljanovska Davkova pointed out that it is necessary for us to start from the essential and serious reforms because we do not have other way out.

„Now it is not only the homogenization and harmonization criteria, but implementation.  EU must respond properly. If you are candidate from 2005, a today we are 2024 I am afraid that sometimes this waiting looks like the one of мr. Godo and I do not want to believe in such a thing“, Siljanovska Davkova stated, emphasizing that we should cooperate regionally and support each other.

„Since the signing of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement in 2001, the Republic of North Macedonia has expressed political and citizen will for EU membership, which we believe will not change in the next period and will be challenge for the new government. We, the citizens sincerely hope that the eurointegration process will be understood as a process of reforms that will help institutions to be fully In the service of the citizens, institutions which will be managed by the experts and which will be devoted public interest. The reforms should not be empty rhetoric in regards to the fight against corruption and organized crime, but reality that comes out of the laws and is being effective through the practice of the functionaries. We expect that the defects of the system will be fixed“, Mileva Gurovska, the president of the European movement in Republic of North Macedonia said.

The official representative of the foundation Konrad Adenauer in Skopje, Daniel Braun at the event pointed out that Konrad Adenauer is one of the founders of the European Union.

„The foundation Konrad Adenauer follows his tradition and in that spirit works for support of the european integration. We have war in Europe for more than two years. That is why it is essential for all of us that stand for freedom, democracy and peace to be united“, Braun stated.

Deputy Head of Mission at the EU Delegation to North Macedonia, Ben Nupnau pointed out that EU wants to bring Western Balkans closer and quicker to EU in order to strengthen joint security and promote prosperity.

„The project of EU is not complete without you. We say all the time that the success towards integration is shared responsibility. Part of the responsibility that belongs to North Macedonia concerns the field of reforms, mainly essential areas such as rule of law and human rights. All this increases the economic capacity and ressiliance. It is hard but it will be useful. It will encourage the trust of the citizens that the future is better. Proper reforms should be undertaken. Member states have brought their plan not only for the Western Balkans to be integrated towards the unified market, but also for the EU membership“, Nupnau believes.

The ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Petra Drexler said that is cheerful that no one has given up from the waiting for EU.

„Trust is needed. I understand that in such a long accession process sometimes the trust suffers. I also wonder why the process of integration is not being understood as a process of reforms. The basis for EU membership is process of reforms. This means that the country which is in accession must be ready to join other countries. The institutions of the state must work effectively, to work successfully, rule of law to be obtained and the corruption to be managed successfully. Without such reforms united Europe can not exist“, ambassador Drexler stated.

„Western Balkans and North Macedonia belong to EU. EU speaks in one voice, nobody says something else. Now it is important to make the step for the opening of the negotiations and at the same time for the reform processes to be implemented“, Drexler emphasized.

The ambassador of Slovakia, Henrik Markus stated that his country is strong supporter of the region. EU membership, according to him is a joint project  for which joint work is needed and that North Macedonia should not be left on its own to solve the problems.

Vice president of VMRO-DPMNE and mayor of Aerodrom, Timco Mucunski spoke about the Growth plan for which he said that if wisely used, it will help for realization of schools, kindergartens etc.

„This is battle of generations, battle to confirm the values that were only declarative in the past and we will achieve this if we fulfill the expectations of the citizens who voted on the elections-fight against corruption, economic reforms, reforms in the administration..“ Mucunski said.

Oliver Spasovski from SDSM pointed out that we unity should be achieved as political entities and as citizens and that a concept should be made for what the citizens expect.

Vicepresident of DUI, Arber Ademi says that concrete actions and fulfillment of concrete tasks should be done to show our commitment for EU.

„We do not have to be for EU only declarative. The task is clear-change of the Constitution“, Ademi stated.

The representative of the coalition “Vlen” and mayor of Gostivar, Arben Taravari stated:

„We have spent long period in the past 20 years speaking that we want to be part of the european family, but what we have done for it. We have done so little european things to show that we sincerely would like to be there. Over one third of the citizens leave from here because of the lack of trust in institutions. First, we should return the trust in institutions of the system and second we should secure the rule of law. Let’s not speak to much, but do a lot”, Taravari pointed out.

During the event, the European movement in Republic of Macedonia has given a plaque to the Head of Mission of the EU Delegation in Skopje, David Geer for his contribution for the eurointegration process. Our most famous macedonian tenor Blagoj Nacoski has been given the title European person for 2023 by the European movement in Republic of North Macedonia.

After the panel, Youth club “Young people and the democratic values: Do I want, can I and how to be active citizen?“ has been held, which consisted of oratory competition, youth debate and quiz of knowledge for EU.

Eva Neskoska from the University “St. Kliment Ohridski” Bitola has won the first place at the oratory competition, the second place went to Antonio Conevski from the University “St. Kliment Ohridski” Bitola and the third place was shared among Amina Gafuri from the South East European University and Iskra Postolova from the University “Goce Delcev” in Stip.

Winners of the Quiz of knowledge are: Aleksej Stojanovik and Ivan Hristov from SUGS “Rade Jovcevski-Korcagin” as well as Marin Ivceski from the Nova International School in Skopje.