European Movement in R. of Macedonia participated in the Erasmus + project: Trip 2 Tolerance in Athens, Greece;

“Trip 2 Tolerance” Project is a project for youth mobility aiming at raising awareness among the youth on diversity and equality. European movement in Republic of Macedonia was between others partners (Belgium, Italy, Turkey,  Latvia) was and Macedonia i.e. European Movement Macedonia. The host organisation was Funds and European Programs Department, Institute of Research and Training on European Affairs-IRTEA (, Headquarters Greece, Athens.  фотографија на Stany Hubert

фотографија на Christina Maris

The members of Macedonian team:

фотографија на Līga Ščerbinska

фотографија на Manuele Manente

фотографија на Manuele Manente

The seminar was realized   in the premises of the University of Piraeus.

фотографија на Κωνσταντίνος Κωστούλας

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